Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year New Possibilities

WOW WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Energy wise a real firecracker. Lots of stuff coming up and its a good thing because to move forward, we MUST LET GO of the bad to make room for the NEW.

Personally, its been rough and painful at times. But I am willing to put up with it to go on and do what must be done. I must say that we have another wild ride in February of 2014 and that is GOOD for us. The good vibes are coming in strong and the Black Hats are running in disarray. That is very good news. Expect them to try and start new wars and disasters as a way to regain their ever increasing loss of control. I am sorry to say that its all in vain as the energies have other plans.

Take Heed as this is more important than ever now. Take that bull by the horns and smack it on its nose and say YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME! and mean it. FREEDOM is just around the corner and it is wonderful. Personally, I am getting financial freedom from debt this year. It is going to be good. 

The main ingredient is LOVE and that can't be denied. So I wish you much Love in this New Year. May you feel its true power to change lives and worlds. There is no other way to move forward. KNOW THIS.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Create the World You Really Want

Wow is this for real? Well, people have no clue as to how powerful their minds can be. They can
actually create the world they want to live in. How is this possible you may ask? Go ahead and ask, its happening as we read and type at our computers. 

See it is part of physics and how this Universe works. Scientists only have begun to understand this. Consider this famous thought experiment.
 Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. The scenario presents a cat that may be both alive and dead, depending on an earlier random event. Although the original "experiment" was imaginary, similar principles have been researched and used in practical applications. The thought experiment is also often featured in theoretical discussions of the interpretations of quantum mechanics. In the course of developing this experiment, Schrödinger coined the termVerschränkung (entanglement).
Basically the cat is both alive and dead at the same time and it needs a human mind to determine the outcome. There is also a famous experinment that shows the nature of matter as a wave and as a solid at the same time. It also needs a human mind to determine its outcome. It also is affected by the act of observation. 

The quantum world can be not be perceived directly, but rather through the use of instruments. And, so, there is a problem with the fact that the act of measuring disturbs the energy and position of subatomic particles. This is called the measurement problem.

This simply means that by observing an experiment the outcome is changed. That implies a conscious mind at work. How can this be?

Why does the mind have the power to change the physical world and how it behaves? This has been known by the Ancients, Yogis and Mystics for a long time. It is aso one of the things that the Black Hats do not want you to know or even consider. See, It spells their end and their manipulations to only manifest their reality.

Personally, I think the threshhold on world wide events is 10%. That's right 10%  of people focusing their attention on One Event they wish, has the power to make it happen. That is why the Bible states in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Well, enough of religion....

Some have taken this to a fine art and been able to manifest objects out of thin air. It really comes from the Source of all, they just know it without a shadow of a doubt. We all have this power, what we lack is a focused enough mind and desire to make it happen.

Well, now that you think I'm MESHUGGINA, lets continue.

These two wrote lots about precipitation, which is the art of making things out of thin air.
Madame Blavatsky and Col. Olcott

They are the founders of the Theosophical Society. Precipitation was used back than as a means of sending letters and and to get attention to their society. 

If I could do this, I would use it to facilitate everyday living. Need something, make it up. Done and dissolve it. Money and the Rat Race will be meaningless at that point. Because anything you need is there for you. The Black Hats really really hate that because they can no longer control you for their purposes.


So we start simple, with personal intent. Then, get a group going working on targeted purposes. People do this in Churches all the time without thinking or knowing what is really going on. Christianity has really done a number on people's minds...

Start practicing the power of your mind, the same instrument the Great Source has given you.

Use it, do you think that it was given to you so that you could go about gathering stuff and then working all the time to get more stuff?

There is a higher purpose to all of this. The main thing is to free yourself from the grips of the Black Hats. Consider the impossible impossibilities. Make it so...Number One!

The World is your canvas, the mind your brush and your intent, the pignemts. Make it happen. Start your Creation Career! 

RIDE THE WAVE...Namaste.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Expect the Unexpected, Know the Hiddend and Ride the Wave!

Change is in the air. This has become more evident since 12/21/2013 or Winter Solstice. I personally feel that I'm being beaten to a pulp...he.he. Lots of unpleasant things keep popping up to deal with. I feel uncomfortable.

I think it is because the present cycle demands that to move forward, we must get rid of some baggage. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though unpleasant.

You get the idea. Just RIDE THE WAVE, I tend to say. I find myself in awkward situations that turn very uncomfortable not meaning and dealing with people that I care about. 

No matter how hard I try it happens. All I can do is ride that wave and try not to fall off. Anger, despair and indifference can knock you off so fast and make you wipe out.

If that happens, grab that board, get back on it and keep riding. It is not about you and it is.  

How does one get rid of old habits, resentments, anger and other things? Well, the first step is to acknowledge it exists and consciously CHOOSE not to move and continue in those patterns and go beyond them. I know this is easier said than done but we can't move on without that action.


Liken the process to the Phoenix Bird story. At the end of the cycle it catches fire and turns to ashes. Then out of the ashes, a new and vibrant bird emerges.

We are to be the phoenix bird in order to move on!

Now, to let you all know a bit of what I'm going through. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and I hear weird noises inside and outside of the house. I try to dismiss it away as my mind playing tricks on me. The other night I heard like a strong high pitched sigh or maybe a hiss. I woke up looked around and went back to sleep. I heard it again. I'm thinking that this is not just mind tricks.

This did not happen until I decided to make a Reiki Circle to be used for Planetary Healing. So not to give it too much power, I decided to use my wand to address the issue. I've discovered some more uses for the wand. One is to make a sort of shield of while light for protection, the other kind of surprised me.

I designed the wands to be receivers of energy. Well, I think now that they are also emitters and I used it in that fashion. I used it to clear whatever energy or entity was bothering me. I used it as a pushing away force field so powerful that the other thing had no choice but to leave. So I etherically walked the house and worked on areas that I intuitively felt needed attention.

So what is this force that I started using. I must have already learn how to use it because it felt familiar and very powerful.
This is what I mean when I say "know the hidden". I suspect that we go to schools to learn when we sleep.

 It is interesting and exciting at the same time to me at least. SO if you are feeling like you are going through the wash, rinse and dry cycle of a washing machine, do not be alarmed. It is all for a greater purpose.

I want to tell you all that these are very exciting times we are in. We are privileged to be here during the happenings.

Here is what Maitreya has to say about it

"The love of God is truly the love of Life. The love of Life is truly the extension of your striving as the true Initiate on the Path. Beloved, I - Maitreya, have known the trials and the tribulations of the day to day activities that you find yourself engaged in. I have known the concerns of your heart - of how you will hold fast to the Law and yet accomplish all that you are called upon to fulfill, all of the daily labors."

Do not waste the time or ignore opportunities that present themselves. Every one that can, must do their part by choice, even if it is a small one. There are countless people doing this, some without knowledge of others doing it also with full knowledge. 

Sorry about the religiosity but I think this is the way we are headed...



Saturday, December 21, 2013

A New Beginning...

I can't stop the feeling that something has changed. Something BIG has changed! Maybe its my mind playing tricks on me. Maye its because I've been doing more Reiki. I am turning into a healer of sorts. I like that.

People are coming to me from the distant past and asking for help. I give it and I like it. Some stay away because of their christian background. Its OK. Each must follow their own path. I even have some Santeria people asking for help. I still give it.

 I think more and more each day that we are or at least I am on the positive time-line that I want to be in. What is a time-line you may ask?

A time-line is a split in the time stream. A duplication like an amoeba does it only one duplicate is bright and the other dark. This can be likened to the Rapture that is mentioned in the Bible. I am not a fan of that story and I think it is mostly a Myth.

See, as fantastic as it sounds, since the 40s the government, other groups and entities have been mucking with time travel and inadvertently or purposely creating time lines or time streams. This began with PROJECT RAINBOW and has taken a most sinister agenda since by the Military. Tesla worked on it and quit because he saw the abuses and a John Von Newman took it over and it really turned sinister. Much has been hidden from the people by the Military and their insane need to keep things secret.

Most of all is all there for those that can discern and dare to look. I think all that activity has created some undesirable time lines. It is all due to the Black Hats need to manipulate. There are external forces to our Planet that have the Capability, Desire and Authority to correct these negative time lines. So I sound a bit Sci-Fy?

To condense a bit please check out this blog entry. It pretty much says it all in a manner that is easily understood. collapsing-timelines 

Time lines are being collapsed and as a result those negative things will briefly manifest here. Like the NWO and WW III. Congress passing a Budget and avoiding financial collapse!!!!!!!

Add capticoraifeartaigh.wordpress.comon
This graph represents what scientists think happened when the Universe was created. Of Course there are lots of overlapping universes and this is the Multi-Verse idea. Originally there was only one timeline. The move is towards that.

What does that mean to us? Well, it means that you are heading in the right direction, expanding and growing spiritually in ways though impossible. Think one year back and you'll see what I mean. Most do not even know this is happening. Some do.

Some see a new Earth in the process of being born. Some name it a planetary ascension. Some predict the end of the NWO and their Black Hat masters influence over us. Some predict the collapse of the present monetary system and Capitalism that is impersonal, selfish and impartial to all except the banking elites.

What ever!

I know that he present course is not sustainable because more people are being made poor while the elites become richer. Pretty soon, we will have a world much like the one depicted in the movie Elysium.

I do not want to live in such a world. I want all the advances in medicine, science and technology to benefit all people not just the rich elites.  This must happen and it will. We are headed in that direction where even money will cease to be used. And people will be freed from enslaving debt. Now you think that I have turned into some kind of communist. I am not and I'll tell you that capitalism and communism are 2 sides of the same coin...

The Earth is growing up. It is up tp you to decide which one you want to be in. It is easier than you think. Do not go the way of the dark ones. RIDE THE WAVE  Namaste

Here is one of my favorite Visionary Artists. Please visit his page where his art can be purchased at http://www.mariusfineart.com/


Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Reiki Circle for Anyone

I was privileged to be allowed to join a Reiki circle at http://www.fivesisters.biz/ this weekend. I've been meaning to go check them out and I am glad I did. These good folks have about 1-2 free sessions to the public a month where mini Reiki healings are offered. My intent was to have more physical interaction with this Reiki Energy since I've been doing mostly remote Reiki treatments.

This is one of my local shops that I frequent and like a lot. They have lots of services available as well as a good selection of crystals and stones. All the hard to find stuff I can usually find there.  What I like about this shop is the great vibes and that is a testament to the owners and the people that work there.  It is great to have such a good shop available to the progressive spiritual community. Check them out if you are ever in the vicinity.

So I prepared by listening to One of my favorite album by Existence. This is all Tibetan
 Singing Bowls and I strongly 
Recommend that you use a High Quality and capacity music system for this to get the full effect. The vibrations are intense and deep. By the time that I got tho the meeting, even rush hour traffic had no effect on me. I just flowed with it not being affected by all the crazy drivers...great!

I naturally get drawn in by Tibetan things and I must have a connection to them. Considering what the Chinese are doing to these people, they have inadvertently forced them out of isolation and now they are all over the world spreading their knowledge and it is intensive. They even have some predictions from hundreds of years ago that when the metal birds fly, Tibetan Dharma would be all over the world. Amazing!

So my story continues and I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I was conversing with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and I was telling her that I make these Malas and I offer them for sale in my https://www.etsy.com/shop/AquarianAgeThings store. Check it out if you are so inclined. 

I looked down and I  saw a Mala made of Jade beads with the breaks of Rudraksha beads surrounded by bone. The interesting part was that bellow the Guru bead was a symbol and it kind of looked like an N shape.
I know that the swastika is an ancient symbol used by many people all over the world and then the Nazis misused it for their insanity. Just for that, I was not going to hang one on my Mala, no matter what. I did a little research and found what looked like it and it is called an Antahkarana. A little more research reveals the following. 
This healing symbol does not require an atunement. It is usually used in its printed form although some people do sign it our with the hand. Just by having it in your presence, it will enhance the healing power of any healing method. It will also improve meditation or any exercise designed to improve health, well-being or connection to the higher power. It is not a secret symbol. You can hang it on the wall in your healing room, place it image up under your healing table etc. It does not need to be seen by the healee in order for it to work. Some have laminated them to make them more durable. The small one can be laminated and placed in your shoes, or taped over a chakra or other body area to improve healing, or can be carried in the pocket, purse or wallet etc. 
So this is a special Reiki symbol and I am happy with it. I had to make one of selenite and copper since I could not find a suitable one. I also made another one as a pendant and is offered through my etsy store.

I did not know what to expect and I met a wonderful Reiki facilitator by the name of Jed. I also met Pam who was also attuned to master level by the same person that attuned me. So I was committed and there were 2 sessions planned that day. The first had about 6 people but the second was a full house with about 25. That required 4 Masters and I was glad to help.

The Reiki Energy kicked in high gear and I expected it to. I feel it as heat and it comes through my hands. It is basically a healing energy delivered through the hands and physical contact is not required but helpful.

I was able to treat about 11 people. Interestingly enough, 2 people received what I consider impressions. These are short messages that come to mind at the time of the treatment and I just pass them along.

The energy then did its intensive thing and I started sweating like a pig... It does that to me when it gets intense. That is OK and I just need to adjust to it. The group reminded me of the Portable Vortex energy. it has that feel to it.

I hope to participate more in these sessions if they let me. I am glad that I found them out as it helps me get more in tune with this energy and I like helping people.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Patterns of manipulation and how to Spot Them

Manipulation. The very word brings up distrust and apprehension.
This can take many forms. When you look or listen to a commercial, you are being manipulated into buying the product they are peddling.  There are main categories and subcategories of this and there are White Papers written and whole specialties exist on the subject. I am not the expert but I can study and read.  I am only concerned with these types in this article.
  1. Psychological
  2. Emotional
 All of us at some point have fallen to these types of manipulation.

Psychological Manipulation is one of the most destructive. It basically uses mind control tricks and techniques to get people to do something against their will. In order for you to avoid being manipulated by others, you need to know the ways that a person can get into your mind and control you to gain the advantage. Think of Magicians and their trickery.

Here are some forms of manipulation that you should know about to avoid being controlled by them. Notice the impossibility and contradictory of the statements.
  •  Not All Truths Are Really True.
  •  Being Perfect Is An Impossibility.
  •  Illusions Are Considered As Nothing. 
Emotional Manipulation can be though of as covert aggression. Many parents do this to their children. Most do not know the damage they cause. Guilt is one of the main operatives. I've known people that can do this without words. Here are some of their techniques.

  • There is no use in trying to be honest with an emotional manipulator.
  •  An emotional manipulator is the picture of a willing helper. 
  •  Crazy making - saying one thing and later assuring you they did not say it.
  •  Guilt. Emotional manipulators are excellent guilt mongers.
  •  Emotional manipulators somehow have the ability to impact the emotional climate of those around them.
 So yeah yeah, you say that and what can be done? The only answer is to get True Freedom. One of the most important is Spiritual Freedom and that includes freedom from religion.

I bet the religious people will raise questions here. Be patient, this requires a leap of faith in the sense that you have all been taught to look outward for the Being/Force you call God.

I suggest that the answer lies inside of you and that these is no need for religion per say because you are inextricably part of that Source already. I call it Source for lack of a better term.

Most can achieve that once most forms of manipulation have been mitigated. I will break one rule here to state some religious things. On one of the most heavily manipulated books known as the Bible states: John 8:32 (KJV) "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". Even then, there is some truth there.

Much has been invested by those that wish to keep humanity deaf and dumb to all except what they wish to allow. Most want to keep you docile and looking for something outside that can never be reached or found. The Sages, Yogis and Wise men of the East have known this for a long time, but they have failed miserably at letting others know. They have built walls of secrecy in FEAR that this will be misused.The time for that is past.

Seek the best and most resonating way for you to achieve that connection to your own Source connection. All you need to do is remember. There are many ways. The only thing I caution is to beware of manipulations, religious ones the most destructive. In reality there is no religion, just the way things are. Learn that and be Free.

Spiritual Freedom is . . . 

  • A release from the bonds of restrictive religious groups
  • The ability to think for yourself without guilt
  • The power to move beyond religious or spiritual dogma
  • The pursuit of spiritual growth and knowledge in the absence of fear and unhealthy restraint, ties, and obligations
  • The power to exercise our God-given right to personal liberty in our spiritual journey to find our purpose and fulfill our destiny in this life
Just be aware that guilt is one of their greatest weapons to keep you down. Don't let them. Be Free. Be your Real Self.  RIDE THE WAVE Namaste.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Selenite is a wonderful Substance Part I


Selenite is wonderful stuff. It GLOWS in sun light. It is soft #2 in the Mohs Scale. It can be easily worked and best of all it has a great feel and energy to it. A bit fragile but things can be done to stabilize it. So then what is it?

Selenite is a type of Gypsum. Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral compound composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO4·2H2O. There are 4 major types of Selenite. 

  • Selenite - This is sometimes transparent and can be called windowpane selenite. 
  • Satin Spar - This is my favorite as it is fribrous and milky white but can be of other colors. 
  • Desert Rose - This is  similar in shape to a rose with petals. It is usually coated on the outside with sand and can be of sand color.
  • Gypsum Flower - These are fibers that grow and bend in different shapes, some resembling flowers. 
Satin Spar and windowpane are probably the most useful of the forms. All forms carry the qualities that make Selenite wonderful. It is formed from ancient sea beds and there are formations that can be dated back some 250 million years ago. This can be ancient stuff. 
But that is not why I like this substance. 

Some of the largest Selenite crystals have  been found at the Nasca Mine in Mexico. These crystals have been growing in a very hot environment and was under water. Now they have stopped growing. They Selenite is named for Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon because of its moon-like glow. Some of the attributed effects of the stone is listed here.
  • Mental clarity
  • Access angelic guidance
  • Unblocks stagnant energy
  • Instills peace
It makes a wonderful protection stone. One other wonderful property is that it cleans other crystals of negative energy and it does not itself hold a negative charge. This mineral has the ability to coalesce and channel ambient energy! Now that is why I like it. I have used it in combination with other crystals to obtain a highly tuned instrument to channel energy.

Selenite forms the basis for my Energy Power Wands and the Portable Vortex because of its ability to channel energy. It is really fiber optics to energy. I love the stuff. Selenite also can amplify and channel other stone's energies. I have proven this with my experiments enough. It works well with Kyanite, blue and black. I have not tried the other types. I have combined it successfully with Special quartz like Herkimer Diamonds, Azeztulite, Nirvana quartz and eveb some Apophyllite, though not  quartz. This stuff seems to work well with other crystals and stones. You just have to KNOW what goes well. Its kind of an art. Lucky for all of us, there are lots of wonderful books that deal with this subject. One specific type that is calling me lately is called window pane Selenite. 

This was used as window pane material in the Middle Ages in Churches. Of course there is no color. 
It is clear enough to allow light through. and thus it makes a good window pane material. Some of those windows are still in place so it is also durable. I have heard that it is water soluble. I took pieces and some powder and placed it in water for a few days and noticed no difference. I must conclude it water wear is slow, other wise those window panes would have worn out already.

I've also taken a flame to it. It does not burn but it does change it from translucent to white opaque. I would not recommend you place it in direct contact with a flame. I do not know what other chemicals would hurt it and I am sure they exist. 

There are reports that it can me toxic at high levels, so when working it and fine powder develops, its best not to breath it. there is one large deposit in the Phoenix ares that is being run by these wonderful folks 

by the name of Mark and Trudy Baker of www.crystallinephoenix.com

I strongly urge you to visit their site. They see themselves as custodians of this large vein of selenite. If I ever have a need for large pieces, this is the place to get them from. These people are special, if you know what I mean.

I want this to go out now so I will be updating this in another revision.