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The True Story of the Laggards and the Roots of the Middle East Conflict

Great Divine Director
Dedicated to those that have the courage to care and ponder the roots of the ME conflict. 

Beloved Great Divine Director - February 1974, PoW Vol. 17 No. 5, Summit Lighthouse, MT

The Future of a Planet from the Scroll of Cosmic History

February 1974

I come bearing the scroll of cosmic history; and I read the record of ancient civilizations–some of Light, some of darkness–and the fate of their evolutions. In order to draw for you the future of a planet, I must first draw for you the past and then allow you to draw your own conclusions. The writing is on the wall. History repeats itself; hence mankind must learn a lesson from cosmic history.

I would speak of Maldek and of lifewaves chosen of God to manifest the principles of freedom and brotherhood and unity. Micah, the angel of Light, son of Michael, was assigned to those evolutions while they were on Maldek; and the banner of that angel is unity. Now if a lifewave uses the flame of unity to come together and to meld the carnal consciousness, then the end result will be the beast, the serpent that becomes the dragon at the end of the spiral of its precipitation. (1)

Thus the perversion of unity was the cause that was set in motion that resulted in the flying-apart of the very atoms of that planetary home when the two lifewaves evolving there–one assigned to carry the Flame of Alpha and the other to carry the Flame of Omega–instead of uniting in a spiral of oneness, chose rather to amalgamate their carnal-mindedness for the greatest holocaust that has ever been seen in this solar system.

Among those evolving on Maldek were lifestreams and souls of high principle dedicated to Truth, yet all were destroyed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, all were flung out of their physical bodies into the astral realm. Two-thirds of those lifewaves passed through the second death (2) because their consciousness was totally dedicated to the energy veil called evil.

When a consciousness that is the gift of God chooses to crucify God in the energy veil, then the ever merciful Creator expresses mercy unto Himself and releases His own atoms from the framework of identity that personifies chaos, death, and discord. Thus, you see, the second death is the highest expression of God’s mercy which is expressed unto God Himself and His imprisoned energies.

And what of the one-third remaining lifewaves considered worthy of another chance? These came with their bag and baggage, homeless wanderers, to the planet earth, to which they were assigned by the Lords of Karma for two reasons. First, lifestreams in embodiment upon earth volunteered to give bodies to these souls and to assist in training them. And second, certain numbers among mankind’s evolutions had already capitulated to the Luciferian lie, and they worshiped the golden calf, 3 and their high priests and priestesses desecrated the altars of the Most High God on Mu, [Lemuria] following the Fallen One 4 and the angels who fell with him.

Thus, because the earth as a sphere was no longer herself perfect, she was vulnerable to the intrusion of imperfection in the consciousness of other lifewaves. This is a most outstanding example of the protection which purity affords–of the protection which perfection is. When mankind depart from that perfection, that wholeness, then they are vulnerable to the most horrendous forms of astral manifestations that float right through the grids of their own consciousness because these are less than perfect and therefore serve as a magnet to magnetize energy veils from other worlds, from interstellar space. And so you see, even today dangerous cosmic rays penetrate the earth because of the vulnerability, the betrayal, and the selfishness of mankind’s own consciousness, which ought to be magnetizing the Christ Light, the Solar Logos, the Great Central Sun.

Thus they came without a name and without a country. And they embodied among the holy innocents and those who had not yet capitulated to the Luciferian lie. Parents of these ungodly ones who still retained the spark of divinity found that when they came to the age of the return of karma, between twelve years and fourteen years, they could no longer control these children; they could no longer teach them. And the children rebelled against their parents, and they left their homes, and they went out into the world to pervert children who were the holy innocents and to teach them the ways of the Liar and his lie.

By and by, these laggard souls amalgamated forces with the fallen angels who had been forced to take embodiment because of their allegiance to the Fallen One; (5) and thus the team of the fallen angels and the laggards became an ever-present menace, growing and growing in giant proportions upon the planetary body. Karmic councils, beholding this manifestation, expressed great concern lest the young souls of the sixth root race be contaminated by the ungodly.

And yet lifewaves must go on, manifestations must occur, ages come and go; and whatsoever a lifewave may manifest, that is what it shall reap. For there is a certain group karma in each root race that manifests upon earth. And there is a lowest common denominator of consciousness within a root race that holds back the highest manifestation of the Christic Light in that root race. And thus the golden mean of consciousness is found somewhere between the two; and that golden mean becomes a mediocrity that goes neither up nor down, but walks the middle of the road and thinks that it is highly clever and that it cannot be touched.

And thus the laggards and the fallen ones taught mankind how to dodge returning karma, how to dodge the effects of causes they had set in motion. This they achieved in one instance by prohibiting intermarriage into their race, thereby prohibiting the return of karma which was a mingling of their energies with the holy innocents. This may be hard for some of you to understand; but by forbidding the intermarriage between the laggards and the earth people and making this a part of orthodox tradition, there is a failure of the greatest kind. For it is an omission and a loss of opportunity for the laggards themselves to evolve and to attain greater heights of Light and manifestation. And by that mingling they might be converted to the Christ and to the Light.

This also preserves the wealth within families century after century, guarding that wealth and therefore preventing lifestreams from having the karma of having deprived others of wealth or of having to earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow. 6 And thus the karma, instead of returning and manifesting, continues to build and to build and to build because of the isolation policy of the laggard races.

Now the situation of many strains of lifewaves upon the earth is a condition which must be considered again and again by the Lords of Karma. The evil deeds of the fallen ones, the commingling of the seed of animals and of man, which resulted in the hideous creations that were destroyed at the time of the Flood–all of these had to be contended with. And therefore the fiat went forth from the Lords of Karma, “Henceforth let every seed bear after its kind”; and it was forbidden that such an unholy and an ungodly situation should occur again. And these miscreations, then, were canceled out by cosmic edict through the Flood which was the sinking of Atlantis.

I tell you that the last days of Atlantis were wicked indeed; and the very ones who caused the destruction of Atlantis have come again, returning into embodiment. Joining forces with darkness, they have created a culture in direct antagonism to the culture of the Divine Mother.
Now those same parents who first volunteered to receive the laggards have had to receive them again and again, in order to discipline and to draw them into alignment with the Law–the Law that was given through Moses, the Law that was given through Mohammed for the salvation of these races that are continually warring with one another and attempting to draw the entire planetary body into their ridiculous strife, which has as its end not the glory of God, not the freedom of man, but the pride of the ego and the ruling of the planetary body through the Luciferian consciousness of a one-world focus.

I say to you then, Hierarchy is concerned this day that these same races, these same two groups of laggards now embodied and centralizing their energies in the Middle East, are coming together for that confrontation–the same confrontation which they had on Maldek. And it is a most volatile situation, a situation which, if the children of the Light do not rally to contain their actions, to withdraw their aid to both sides, might result in a total war at the end of this decade.

I must apprise you of these facts; for without the facts, you cannot pursue the invocations and the arresting of the spirals, as you have been taught, for the salvation of the planet. Thus when the veil is drawn and when it is torn asunder and man sees face to face the highest Good and the highest evil, he realizes that by the power of the Almighty he can bind the forces of darkness that are in his midst.

You have the authority to challenge not only the war in the Middle East, but all war anywhere at any time. You have the authority to challenge the Luciferians. You have the authority to challenge those who take the precious holy innocents to the slaughter, to the battlefields, in a continual round of killing that amounts to nothing–absolutely nothing–in the sight of the Karmic Board. You have this authority by the power of the Christ that is in you; and in the name of Jesus the Christ, you may give the commands of perfection that will allow us to enter in and do the perfect work which is so necessary in these troubled times.

Thus the handwriting is on the wall. History repeats itself. The only power that can check the widening spiral of the pride of the people of Israel on the one hand, and of the deceit and treachery and intrigue of the people of the Arab nations on the other, is the authority of the Christ that occupies the position at the heart level to challenge this yin and yang perversion of Alpha and Omega. Your knowledge of the Cosmic Clock will show you that these two nations this day represent the malefactors on either side of the Christ–both in manifestation of antichrist (7) –the Christ who came to redeem and restore the laggard consciousness and to give to these nations and their people the opportunity to accept the Light and to redeem that karma which they created on Maldek.

Do you see now why these people are called the chosen people? They are chosen because they have the greatest karma, the greatest debt, and because they owe the most and require the greatest forgiveness. And thus, going to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, (8) Jesus the Christ came to save that remnant of souls who embodied here, that they might have the opportunity to bring the entire planet into a Golden Age and thus redeem that karma of having destroyed another planetary home.

Thus God, in His infinite mercy, gives to those who have the greatest debt the greatest opportunity; and if they reject that opportunity, then it is passed on to the children of the Light who, as far as their soul history is concerned, do not have the ancient experience and the cycles of evolution that these laggard souls have. For they have only recently come from octaves of Light to evolve upon the planetary home. And so, you see, the age of the soul often determines its opportunity, even though it might not have preserved that Light which was originally given to it in the beginning.

Thus you say, what is the future of a planet? The future of a planet is in your hands; it is in the hands of all who have chosen to be of the House of Israel, of all that is real. For the state of Reality can be claimed by all. It is not unique to any race or time or people. And those who do not choose Reality cannot be counted among the children of Israel; and they have no claim to the Holy City, the city that lieth foursquare,(9) eternal in the heavens. For their claim is the energy veil; and since they have claimed it, that is what they may have and that is their just reward.
And so I say to you, it does not matter who occupies the physical earth of the Holy Jerusalem; it is the souls of the true Church Universal and Triumphant to whom that city belongs. And the etheric city of the New Jerusalem that is focused over the Holy Land is the place prepared; it is the city that descends out of God as a bride adorned for her husband. (10) It is the place where Jesus and Mary reign supreme as the true focus of Alpha and Omega for the Piscean Age and the true king and queen of Israel.

Thus do you see, precious hearts, that all the forces of darkness and the demons of this earth have tried to prevent the release of this message to you this day. But it has come forth by divine authority and by divine direction from the Heart of Alpha and Omega, that this knowledge might be etched in fire on the etheric, mental, astral, and physical planes, that once and for all, those who have usurped the position of authority among mankind might be exposed and seen for what they are.

Now I must remind you of the redeeming factor within the laggard races. I must tell you that these ones were chosen because they had some spark of divinity left within them; and among them were great spiritual leaders, people of great holiness, who also were flung into the astral and were given an opportunity to embody here. And thus among these races, you do find the highest souls of the highest evolution; you find also that these souls of great Light have been misled by the Luciferians, just as the holy innocents have been misled.

And therefore I caution you never to entertain condemnation or prejudice for the laggard races; for among them, if they would but accept the Christ, are those who have the potential to lead the earth into the manifestation of the New Day. And many are being brought into this Ascended Master activity; and some have been born into these races who are not laggards at all, but who volunteered to help the cause of Light, manifesting therein the golden Word of the Golden Age teaching.

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