Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bringing forth New Power Wands

White Light Sealer Wand
Today, I want to take up the subject of these new Power Wands that are coming forth. As stated before in the beginning, I wanted to make a real wand. One that could actually move energy.  As with spiritual laws, it all stars with desire. Notice the design of one such wand. You'll notice the absence of a copper piece. Also there is no grounding crystal involved. All are clear and in harmony with each other. Making such a wand is not a mechanical process and Making one just like it does not account for the other half of the process. See, I go for magnifying the capacity to move energy over looks.

This wand is a step up from the other ones that involved a different paradigm. One must learn to crawl before walking and running.  This one came about because I wanted to join a Reiki Circle where children where involved. It came into being rather quickly, hours really. This wand wanted to glow with white light. I took it outside in the sun light and it glowed brightly. It has a strong pure energy that can be felt as heat. Some may even be a little afraid of it. DON'T! It can not hurt you.

It all starts with a selenite blank and get mine from the good folks at The ChrysaliStone. I looked and asked which one volunteers for this experiment, yes I talk to my crystals! This one caught my eye because it was hefty, rather large and sturdy enough to run the levels of energy required. It was a little bigger than 8 x 1.5 x 1 inches and pyramidal cross section. I then got the impression of what it wanted and that was to have squared off ends and a flat top.

This required a tricky operation in which a sliver is sliced off the crystal in one fell swoop. It went well and a triangular shaped piece the length of the crystal sliced off effortlessly. I knew I was on the right track. And this piece will become what I call Hand Enhancers, but that is a different subject.

The crystal top was shaved and smoothed and then came the hot water treatment. Yes, I've found out that hot water does smooth out selenite. See it dissolves it but I use it as a controlled process. 

The crystal was cleaned smoothed and it shone even more. I gave it a couple more treatments until the desired effect was achieved.  
Bottom Detail

The ends were further polished with a wet towel to an almost mirror state. One thing that was intuitive was that this particular wand crystal did not need much work other than the top and ends. All crystals are different and require different configurations to optimize their energy throughput.

This is where the art takes off and it requires merging with and loving the crystal.

Here is the rough like bottom part of the wand as are the sides.

Now it comes to the interesting part of this story one that requires a but of reflection and thought. What is this thing going to do? I decided that I wanted it to be a healing tool and to bring off the maximum benefit to the users and receivers.  What sort of crystals belong on it?

There are lots to chose from but I wanted something special, something dealing with angels.
Crystals on this wand.

So I hit on a Apophilite Crystal as a center anchor. Angel energy is so wonderful and they always want to help. You can even assign one to the wand, but that is also a different  subject.

Aphopilite is such a stone that is a powerful vibrational transmitter, a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one's true self. It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns, making it a very effective personal power crystal.

When clear apophyllite crystals are used to connect one to higher realms. And that is just what I wanted. This stone is also used to facilitate contact with angels, increase inner vision, enhance clarity of remote vision and deepens understanding of spiritual lessons. All things that I wanted this wand to do.

As seen, there are 2 other crystals on it and they are double terminated clear quartz. Both being Laser Mini Wands themselves. Laser Wand crystals are pointers of the crystal world. They focus energy very precisely where they are pointed. In this cased away from the center crystal towards the end points and one of the design points and operational mode for the wand.

This makes them excellent tools to direct energy. They are also noted for helping with communication and meditation on other dimensions and worlds. The Laser Quartz is naturally formed as a tapering, long slender crystal with small faces. The crystal tapers from the base to the termination (point). Its sides are often curved. This is a 'wand' crystal and as such, energy is focused through the tip. 
Detail from the end points

Laser quartz is used to focus and concentrate accelerated energy. Healers use it for psychic surgery and to 'cut away' negative energy.

Additional uses of quartz laser wands are to sever attachments, remove energy blocks, connection to white light and the crystalline world, focus protective energy around self or other and help to open the Chakras.

That concluded the first half and the easiest part. The hard part is figuring out how to use it. This requires great intuition and a bit of meditation and really asking the crystal to reveal it!.

I think and believe that they are alive.

I placed it in sun light to recharge and played it music. Made it happy really. Examining the configuration and what the crystals do, I came up with a mode of operation. There are others and will be revealed in time. The user holds it in the dominant hand (emmiter) on the center of the crystal. The person receiving the energy simply holds the 2 ends with their hand. 

As with all my crystals I always test them to see if they do what I think they do. I've shown it to 2 psychic people I know and they report strong energy from the crystal.

I originally intended to make just one. My Shamanic Friend asked me if I would make her one. I did and she took it to Jamaica with her. There a lady in need of healing asked for the crystal. She agreed and I do also. Now I must make another one and she will also see who else a crystal like this can help.

Surprises. You never know when things like this happen. I just just go with it.

Remember to RIDE THE WAVE. Namaste

Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventures With a Pendulum


Pendulums are interesting devices.  In and about the 1850s time frame, a feller by the name of of Jean Bernard Léon Foucault, a French physicist, used a simple pendulum to prove that the Earth rotates in space. Watching a large one such as this is very interesting. All mechanical clockwork has pendulums. But that is not the use I intend to be the subject here. I intend to use a pendulum as a divination device. To find out answers to questions the subconscious knows but the conscious does not have access to. 

To you Christians out there: This is NOT Witchcraft! And I don't CARE what the OT has to say about it. People have been murdered for this ignorance and that spells evil to me. So please get over your negative criticisms, condemnation and judgments. You judge yourselves by it.

A pendulum can with a little bit of practice become such a tool. An invaluable tool to use when you need answers. I've recently made some interesting discoveries.  I think a properly used pendulum works because of the muscle testing response and its linked to the subconscious mind. I aim to use a small one, say in the 12 inch range and not too heavy, not to light. 

Really a simple one is just as good as a fancy one. I make them and sell them on my etsy store if you care to have a look and visit. I have 
several for sale.

Here is an example of my latest series of Selenite based Pendulums. 

A pendulum can be really anything you wish to hang on a string that has a little mass so that it can swing. All these pendulums are asked: Are you a good pendulum? before placing them for sale and if the answer is NO, then it will not.

How to use a pendulum? Easy. Sit in a quiet place. I like to hold it horizontally with both hands try to empty my mind and move it vertically stop all movement and with my left hand, which is the receiving one, I ask the question. I then still my mind and empty it. I wait a few seconds and then watch the movement. That is it!

Before all that, You must know what your particular answers are . It is different for all people. 
Hold the pendulum and ask it to show you a YES answer. Wait and note the movement. Ask it to show you a NO answer, wait and note the movement. Ask it to show you an INDETERMINATE answer, wait and note its movement. They should be all different. If the same, then go trough the stop all movement and with my left hand process, which is the receiving one process of your mind again. In my case they have changed over time and I just go with it.

Now I was a bit apprehensive at first because of what it might tell me that I did not want to hear. Get over it. The quicker the better. I've come to use a pendulum while making Etsy purchases.
Its amazing. Here is one that I am rather fond of. Its for same ... maybe... 

Now to the really interesting part. I've been reading about how the Black Hats use human clones in their nefarious plots. I want to learn how to spot them.

I asked the following questions
Is Obama a clone? No
Is Michelle a cone? No
Is Bill Clinton a clone? No
Is Hillary a clone? Yes
Is Hillary going to win the Presidency? No
Is the original Hillary dead? Yes
Is Bush W a clone? Yes
Is Laura a clone? Yes
Is Laura his handler? Yes
Is Pope Francis a clone? No
Is he a good guy? Yes
Is he working with the satanists? No
Was John Paul II a clone? Yes
Is Donald Trump a clone? Yes
Is the original dead? Yes 

I thought WOW! I got a little scared here so I stopped.  I then thought about it for a while and told some people and they thought I was crazy. It is usually that way with some things. I then hear about Malaysia Flight 370 and I go hmmmmm. Here is what the trusty pendulum said...

Was this terrorism? Yes 
 Was it a Bomb? Yes
Did the airplane break up? Yes
Any floatsam get out? No
Will floatsome get out? Yes
Will the prepetrators be caught? Yes
Will the airplane be found? No 
Was it muslims? Yes
Was it the Chinese? Yes

Here is the little gem that I asked all those questions with.
Notice it is not fancy or big. Its total length is just under 12 inches. I urge all who wish to experiment a little to get themselves a pendulum. It is fun and a great party past time.

It is also a serious tool not to take lightly or misuse. I am sure some do that with disastrous results. The use of pendulums in olden times was mainly used to find water or precious metals. In Europe, they were used by doctors to make diagnoses. It is called Radiestheria.

Radieatheria is the power to connect with the subconscious and get knowledge so that you are more in control over yourself and matters around you. It also gives you the knowledge to discover what lies hidden and unknown, otherwise.

The best and the most important thing about Radiesthesia is that this knowledge is not limited to any particular group of people, like seers, kings, etc. It is available for everyone, for each one of us. All you need is a pendulum. This can be made even from a piece of thread and a small finger ring. 

Throughout history, people have turned to the pendulum to guide them when their lives were at stake. In dire circumstances during the Vietnam war, some U.S. marines were taught to use a pendulum to locate underground mines and tunnels. So this is not so far fetched. There are well documented cases of pendulums being used to help people.

Also not widely known, noted physicist,
Albert Einstein, was known to perform impressive feats with such dowsing tools.  He believed that it had to do with electromagnetism: just as birds migrate following the earth's magnetic field, dowsers react to energies that are unseen and still not fully understood. 

If he tried it, why not you? Afraid of what some will call such an activity? Well, if so, you can crawl in a hole and never come out of it. Be happy not wanting to know. I for one am always experimenting. I yearn for knowledge unseen. The Why of things and happenings.

It might be interesting to know that other famous dowsing advocates in history include Leonardo De Vinci (inventor), Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry), Charles Richet (nobel prize winner), and General Patton (U.S. Army). 

So go ahead, dare to experiment. It might be fun or it might be serious. Get your self a pendulum and ask. Remember to phrase the question in a Yes or No way to answer it. Such as "is this fun to do?".

These things can be as simple as a rock on a sting or as fancy as to have jewels on them and in between. Pick one that you feel comfortable with.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reiki Never Ceases to Amaze Me

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."  Gandhi

Do not ever be deceived by the size of the package but look to what is inside. I had the privilege to join a Reiki Circle at Five Sisters in Miami.  The circle was advertised as being for families and children were welcome. So I thought, well, what a wonderful opportunity. I thought that the adults were to give the children Reiki...

He he he... some of the CHILDREN were already initiated to Mastery level! What a pleasant surprise. I indistinctly knew that children did not need a lot of work unless traumatized and all they really needed was some sealing in white light. 

So I made this special Power tool wand for the occasion. This was done hours before the event!
White Light Sealer Wand
 Here is the tool. Is came from a rather large chunk of Selenite that I had selected for a Wand. It was so large that I had to split the top and a near perfect shard came off, I wonder what it will turn into? 

The top was flat and polished to a sheen with hot running water. Yes, you can use hot water to polish selenite, just keep it to about a minute, stop and check until the desired effect is achieved. The Center is Apophillite and the ends are clear double terminated quartz mini wands.. It did not need copper or even a grounding crystal. These new wands are not needing grounding crystals..This thing glows with white light even in low light situations.  

 I gave it the name of White Light Sealer Wand and its a Reiki Energy Tool and not for sale. The healer uses it by holding it with the dominant hand at the center, the person being healed holds both ends. I tested it with sensitives and they report an intense heat from the wand. Maggie from the shop said that her palms were sweating from the heat. I also knew that it was not to be used on children and we all agreed.

The Session with the kids had adults and some children giving Reiki treatments. I would say that the kids were maybe 7 or 8 years old. I treated 3 kids. I instinctively knew not to touch them other than the hands. Like I said, little they needed other than sealing in white light and the wand took care of it while sitting at the center table. I did notice the energy buzzing in my hands and when I opened my eyes the child was buzzing too. Very interesting. That was the first session and Pam, the facilitator, has been teaching Reiki to kids for a while now.

The Next session was on adults. The Wand still did not indicate use but did its thing. One lady started to cry as if being delivered. I told her to just accept it. One other looked so grateful and a new lady to Reiki had a wonderful experience. The room was hot even with air conditioning running. So I know the energies kicked into high gear.

I plan to take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves. I highly recommend all to find and join a local Reiki Circle.

Kids are wonderful Reiki healers. You are blessed if you meet one sometime.

Reiki Healer

Ride the Wave ....Namaste