Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New And Exciting Archangel Wands, Beloved Archangel Chamuel

This wand is dedicated to the Archangel Chamuel and his complement Charity was the easiest to do. Maybe because of the softness of the Love flame. Here he is in a drawing by 
Archangel Chamuel

These Archangels are of the Third Ray (Pink Ray - Ruby Ray) and the divine qualities they embody are Love, Adoration, Gratitude. Among those are, Love, Adoration, Compassion, Mercy, Creativity, Forgiveness, Perfection and Gratitude They specific Ray is Pink and Ruby Fire. Put up a ruby against the sun and what shines through is that fire.

Their specialty is in these areas of , Preparation to receive the Holy Spirit , Protection against malice, slander, and misunderstanding , Inauguration of new friendships and relationships, Repairing of damaged relationships, Help in getting along with others, Help in finding a job, Help in finding lost objects  and Healing of ethnic and racial tension

His Key note has not been released but I suspect that any honest Love song is close enough. This next tune is very close to his keynote.

Now to the wand. This is the first one I made and it is about 6.5 inches long. The back is wider than the front. The sides are trapezoidal shape. The back end is cut at about an 80 degree angle and flat. The front is polished square but with a beveled shape. The top is only worked enough to be able to mount the other crystals. I selected this Apophilite crystal at the same time as the Gabriel one. These both burned blue when placed in sunlight.  As with the other wands, it sits at the back. Next came the Hermiker Diamond and its about 0.25 inches and it has 2 small growths of other tiny crystal towards its back. It has a slight off white color tending towards the pink/tangerine side. The hard part as with the other wands was the differentiating crystals. I thought of Diamantina quartz that is pink in color but the pendulum said no. I asked and asked and no no. So I went to 5 sisters in miami to look for a crystal. This was after looking all over the internet for days. I settled on a piece of pink quartz that was worked into a pendant. It is about 1.5 inch and polished kind of flat with a straight back and an point with 6 facets. Pink quartz rarely grows in crystal forms like quartz but it is still quartz. Here is the finished wand.

Archangel Chamuel Wand
This wand comes with a selenite pendant mounted in pink! The intent is to keep them together in the box charging and then the user can wear it taking that vibration with them.

This particular wand while soft in energy is no less powerful than the Michael or Gabriel one. Use this energy directed at trouble spots in your life and the world and it will do its thing. Be certain!

I will now leave you all with these words by Chamuel. RIDE THE WAVE Namaste

"Among the millions of sons of men incarnate on this planet Earth today, you are the few who have chosen to part the Veil of Silence and allow Me to give to you an outline of My Service to Life. I know, because of your centuries of devotion to spiritual things, that it shall live and truly wax strong. Oh, the Happiness within that Pink Flame as It rises within your hearts, and calls to the Central Sun of this system! Oh, the happiness that your bodies will feel and the lightness you will experience as you drop the appearance of age, distress, discomfort! As you learn to relax within that Pink Flame of Gratitude and Thanksgiving to Life, the softness will erase the lines on your face and Love will replace the hard look in the eyes. All these Blessings come from the use of that Flame of Thanksgiving, of Gratitude and Adoration, of which My beloved Complement is the Spiritual Being and Heart. It is a cause for rejoicing that the mighty infinite Spirit of Thanksgiving and Gratitude, whom I love and Who is part of My life shall increase and intensify now until Her Spirit covers the Earth. When the beloved Pilgrim Fathers gave acknowledgment to the Spirit of Thanksgiving, they did draw into the lower atmosphere of Earth a Focus of that Flame, and that is why in, through and around the New England States particularly, the Focus of Love and the Activity of the beloved Nada is so powerfully felt." Archangel Chamuel
Update to this wand. !!!!!!!!!

I found a quartz crystal in my storage that is about 1.25 inches long but it has a pink tint on the end of it. I thought Hmm... Then reached for the trusty pendulum and asked if this is the correct crystal for this wand. It was a YES.  So I took off the pink quartz that was in the picture above and even the Herkimer Diamond came off it. It hit me on my glasses and bounced off. Being quite small, I thought I'd lost but I found it again. I then asked the wand if it wanted it and it said Yes. So here it is in its new configuration. It has a stronger energy to it. 

I can tell you that is is hard to do, but I am willing to do it right. Namaste

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New And Exciting Archangel Wands, Beloved Archangel Michael

Hail! Archangel Michael!... I had to do that folks because mere words can never portray his Presence or Blue Lightning Flame. Not even a humble wand, but I try and the task is really hard.
So here he is in all his Splendor.

You can get a print of the Archangel paintings at Michael's Twin half is Faith. They come in pairs much like we do. They are archangels of the First Ray (Blue Ray)  embodying the Divine Qualities of Faith, Protection and God's Will. Do not be fooled, His Legions of Angels are Fierce in your defense. So you can call on them for protection. And they will always do what is right by you. His Divine Ray is Blue flame and Blue Lightning. His force field is electric Blue and white fire. He is often depicted with a sword. It is not really a sword but an intense force field with the capability to cut and set us free from all that is holding us back.

So my intent with this wand was to approximate that particular force field as he wields it. How do I know this, well, I have one of those swords in me and I carry it places and draw it when needed. They gave it to me. Its etheric in nature. Here is the Finished wand.

Archangel Michael Wand

It has a more symetrical selenite core, kind of rextangular. The front is natural but the back is cut and polished flat. The bottom is left intact and the top has minimal work to flatten it out to attach a 3 x 0.25 inch Aqua Aura Quartz Point. This particular crystal was really hard to find and I spent days looking for it and then considering. I ordered form Etsy at a shop that I am not too crazy about but the crystal passed the pendulum test. Not to worry, I cleared it and filled it with light and love and his blue flame. 

I also placed an Apophilite crystal at the end that burned electric blue when placed in the the sun light. The front is covered by some natural embedded selenite crystals and a 0.25 inch Herkimer Diamond that is clear. I got it from in Miami. Then I set it in the box with the pendant that is meant to go with this wand. I opened it next day and tested. It does have a strong flame. It was also transferred to the pendant, which is the intent and benefit  to the wearer. 

The sides are largely intact and have 2 pieces of copper hammered flat on the ends but left round in the middle. There is no grounding crystals as the angels would have none of that!

Archangel Michael does have a known Key Note. That is a piece of music that carries the feel and vibration of their Flame. In this case it is the "Eternal Father Strong to Save" or the Navy Hymn. Here is the best rendition I found on youtube at a rehersal!

This particular wand is Special in the sense that it can generate that force field that is his sword with His permission and Blessings and the user's intent. Think of it as an Etheric Jedi Light Saber. There are specific ways to use this force field but that is only to the owner of the wand when ever he/she steps forward to claim it. It will be going on Etsy soon if the owner steps in, it might not make it there.

" . . . Know that as the Authority for the Blue Flame of the Will of God and the Protection of the Faithful, We will stand to keep that Faith with you in all areas, regardless of your outer attainment if you will allow us. The Light of God is on your side and on the side of America! Do not think for one moment that America has been weakened by this attack! America has only been strengthened. There will be the great awakening to that which has been revealed by this attack: the areas of vulnerability of the American people. We will see to it that those who can take action immediately know of these vulnerabilities. Students of the Light throughout the Earth, know well that America stands for Freedom and will continue to do so! . . . " Archangel Michael
Oh, that was Michael on what happened on 9/11. Remember to RIDE THE WAVE and Namaste to all.

Monday, January 27, 2014

New And Exciting Archangel Wands, Beloved Archangel Gabriel

Its been a little while since I've updated this blog but the wait has been worth it. I've been busy with these new series of Power Wands dedicated to the Achangels. I will tell you all that this was no easy task but one that I tried very hard to accomplish. I started with 3. One to Archangel Michael of the First Ray. One to Archangel Chamuel of the 3th Ray and one to Archangel Gabriel of the 4th Ray. Respective color of the Threefold Flame...more about that later.

Here is a picture of him. Some of you may know him as the Angel of the Annunciation. He is mentioned in the Bible and also the Koran. Mohamed said it was him who gave him the Koran. I have reservations about it but ...

These beings are very tall in stature and are not human, but they look like large humans. These are a different part of Creation and do not necessarily follow humanity's path or purpose but are a complement to it. In essence they work directly for the GodHead and us at the same time. I would say that they stand 20-30 tall and are kind of slender and of fair skin. They have what most think are wings but they are not. They are really force fields used in movement. 

Do not be fooled, they have Immense Power, Authority and desire to help out humanity. Archangels come in pairs one male and another one Female in essence and are complements of each other. While Gabriel job is mostly to announce, they will do battle and fiercely on our behalf. Do not ever doubt this. He commands Legions of fierce white flame angels who do God's Will with extreme intensity and fervor. His complement is Hope and both of them embody Purity, Harmony and Poise. Theirs is the 3rd Ray of Purity, white and mother of pearl. 

Each has keynotes that embody their essence. Not all are known or have been written. Gabriel and Hope is this by the name of Caballera Rusticana Intermezzo, Opera music. Listen to it and feel their presence.

Some of their functions is to guide in your spiritual life, reveal your life plan and purpose, release of Joy, happiness, and Fulfillment, dissolution of discouragement and to help establish Discipline and Order in your life. This was a tall order.

I meditated and thought and asked for guidance and did what I always do, which is to dive right in. I selected a wand core of Selenite. The core itself is asymmetrical but it does have a top, bottom, front and back. I squared the ends and carved the front to be a blunt rectangular shape. The top towards the back was leveled as some crystals needed a base for attachment.  The core also has 3 embedded natural crystals, one at the bottom and two at the top. I then proceeded to attach a piece of copper along its bottom and not easily visible.

I then went to 5 Sisters in Miami. to get crystals. I bought one Apophilite for the rear that had another smaller crystal growing on one of its sides. I had to put it in the sunlight and it glowed electric blue. I did not find anything else I needed for this wand so I told them what I needed. They called me back and said they had some Lemurian Seed Lasers for me to see. I selected 2 from the pile and asked the trusty pendulum. I picked a nice laser one. I them placed it on top of the wand and tested it. It was emitting a type of energy radiation that felt as heat. I got one of the sales people and asked them to test it and Maggie's hand started to sweat. She went Wow! The wand still was not finished. I then took it home and placed it in its custom wood box overnight sort of to get them get used to each other. Next day I attached a small (1/4 inch) Herkimer diamond that has a little one that grew attached to one of its side like the apophilite.

Arch Angel Gabriel Wand
Here is a picture of the completed wand. It will soon be offered in my shop on etsy. It will come with a Selenite Pendant that I recoment be kept with the wand for recharging when not being worn. 

There was a lot of searching on the internet for the right crystals and there was also a lot of back and forth between me and the Angel on it. I am glad we settled on this. This will make some one an extremely powerful energy tool. One that can generate a force field of the quality that Archangel Gabriel uses and is his essence.

I will continue work on the other 2 and as they are finished, I will post the story. Yes they all have a story and I am so blessed to be able to to be the instrument here for this. Some one needs this and its the main reason why it has been done. Now their job is to find it.

Ride the Wave, Peace and Namaste.

"If We could, through those of you who profess to love Us, manifest an example of God-Mastery which would register through the sense consciousness of mankind, Our Victory would be assured. The Mission of the Master Jesus remains yet one of the most brilliant comets which has flashed across the pages of history, because that Mission was performed through the Flesh of His Body through His Works and not only through the Words from His Lips!   Beloved Gabriel

Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Electric Blue Wand

Frankly, I was not expecting this one at all. I needed some more selenite since I ran out and I ordered from my source at Chrysalis Stone. These good people were good enough to gift me 3 extra sticks. Their prices have gone up a little bit but their quality has gone further.

completer wand
This is a minimalist design since the Wand itself did not need much work other than squaring the back end. cleaning the bottom and polishing a bit with a wet rag. Its basic shape is trapezoidal which is one of my common wand theme shapes and Natural on this one.  

I then proceeded to add the copper with a double points towards the front. That is because this wand is mainly an emitter. I usually design receivers. But do not be deceived, this one is a receiver also.

wand with just copper enhancer
I knew that this one was special when I held the original selenite blank. It Naturally curves upwards towards the front. It has a nice feel when held in the hand. It is a great wand for some one. l If you notice the two pictures, there is little difference. That is what the wand wanted.

I then put it down and meditated on the wand. I got that it wanted to be special and that it did not need much other than some small crystals. I thought some more and then I hit on Hermiker Diamonds. These beautiful things come on all sizes but it does not matter. Large or small they pack an energy punch. 

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently. They are reported to be harder than all other Quartz, giving them the strength and durability to handle difficult challenges beyond the scope of other Quartz crystals. What they lack in physical size, they more than make up for in spirit energy.

I picked them at my favorite local shop at 5 Sisters in Miami. I held maybe 10 small ones in my hand and they were burning cold heat. So I picked one that felt right. 

Then I needed to pick a rear Chrystal and it turned out to not be a Chrystal at all but glass. A special kind of glass called Moldavite and it was shaped about 15 million years ago when a large meteorite hit the earth in the area of the Czech Republic. This is the only place the real ones can come from and they do not make them anymore...

I picked a small but flat piece that was kind of translucent. I have to admit that I am leery of buying Moldavite since the Chinese are passing old green bottle glass as Moldavite. I rarely feel the Moldavite effect. It took a little while but I did feel their heat crawling up my arm. So I knew that they were real.

Moldavite works extremely well in combination with other stones, particularly with the crystalline energies of Quartz varieties such as herkimer diamonds. It is ideal for use in making energy tools thus this wand. The energy synergy is likened to a blue electric arc of electricity between the 2 points through the selenite.

Lastly I picked a grounding stone since all my wands need it because of the nature and intensity of the high vibrations that they emit. It is a good thing to have on an energy tool such a this. I picked a small black piece of kyanite and placed it on the backend. You can see in the picture it is very small. 

What must be understood here is that it is not the size of the crystals that is important, but the combination and the placement mixed with the intent of the user. 

I placed the whole thing in a custom made box and it currently being offered at my etsy shop.

Please visit if you are so inclined. Now for the $50 question, who uses this? I will be the first to tell you that these are special items. They also have their owners. This wand can be used in many ways and this blog expands on it on other articles. One of the ways to use this is as a meditation aid. You will fly high while holding this beauty.

I wish to invite all to consider owning one of these special tools. Really, the pictures do not do it justice but I've been told by sensitives that the energy comes through the pictures. If you hold one, you basically want it. 

Why Electric Blue? Well, I am sentimental and tend to name my wands. This one's name is due to the fact that the synergy of the crystals emit an electric blue spark of energy through the selenite in my mind's eye between the front and the back Crystals. 

I hope to produce more of these wands and offer them to people so interested.