Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Portable Energy Vortex Part IV

This is being constructed for a good friend of mine. It is a Portable Energy Vortex. How can this be done? Simply put all energy in this Universe moves in vortex-like patterns. 

The best way to see a Vortex is to fill a water container and make a hole at the bottom. This is a downward moving vortex powered by gravity. Vortexes can also move up and change directions. That is the main nature of the energy construct that I create for those brave enough to deal in those energies. 

So once again I find myself making another one. The first one was an experiment that worked. The Vortex is as much tied to the mind of the user as the Energies of the Earth. 

How can this be? Well, it is because one is a creator in these things. Being a creator makes for the conduit of these energies that are so intelligent and wish to be used for the Greater Good of Mankind.

My substance of choice is Selenite because of its ability to conduct ambient energy in a pre-designed way. These Vortexes are also tuned to the working energies of the owner. I would ask them.

  1. What is your Purpose?
  2. How will you use it?
  3. Are you brave enough?

Having a Vortex in tune with your personal energies gives it more vibrancy to operate at a higher level. And it is very high energies that are being used here. Doing such is an Art as much as a Science. It does not stop there. The energy of the user's mind is also key along with intention and programming.

These are the materials used in this Vortex. Careful consideration, meditation and intuition went into the geometry used, the types of stones and the way the copper was used.

That particular picture is not how a Vortex is set up or how to proceed with the intent and programming. Also what is not shown is the center stones. That is also key and must be chosen with care.

Consider a Power Wand. This is a Power wand times 20! It is nothing simple or to be taken lightly. Also a very personal choice is the use of the smaller stones. Those give character to the types of energies being drawn and channeled through the Vortex.

The Merkaba is a type of Energy Vortex. It spins. I just recently discovered what is at its center. 

I also discovered with the help of a friend that it is not the material used but the geometry of the construct that matters. This one is hard to swallow because there are people making Merkabas for sale out of all kinds of exotic materials and that is OK, but not what is important. 

Such an energy construct is alive with intelligent energy that wants to be put to good use.  At the center of this Merkaba is a thing called the Antahkarana.
In Hindu philosophy, the antahkaran (Sanskrit: the inner cause) refers to the totality of two levels of mind, namely the buddhi, the intellect or higher mind, and the manas, the middle levels of mind which (according to theosophy) exist as or include the mental body. Antahkarana has also been called the link between the middle and higher mind, the reincarnating part of the mind.
So here is the link of the mind to the energy construct. This thing also rotates and intuitions says that it does so very very fast. 


Here is what that looks like and how it pertains to a 2D symbol representation of  Merkaba and it is also known as the Star Of Solomon. Please note the geometry involved. Almost like 3 number 7s tied at the base. 

This happens to be also a very old symbol in Tibet and is used in Reiki healing. This symbol can also be thought of as a type of Vortex as its use and behavior is the same.

This symbol came to me in a dream hanging at the end of a Buddhist Mala that I was wearing and it kind of looked like an N shape. I thought it was a swastika. That is also a buddhist ancient symbol before the Nazis perverted it in their insanity and hate.

But this wasn't it. I was not about to wear a swastika. To my delight, it turned out to be something different. I would not use a swastika for obvious reasons. Instead I constructed one of these Antahkaranas in the shape of a pendant since there are none to buy that I can find. 

 And this is what that looks like. It is about an inch and a half. It will be hanging at the end of a Mala soon. I will be finding out more about that type of Vortex.

But here is how a Portable Energy Vortex should be used. First decide on the intent. Then clear the crystals. Next charge them with the desired intent. At this point, you must behave as a Reiki Master would and let the Energy decide the next step. 

The next step is to build the Vortex in a Circular shape but it may not be what is necessary. Set your center stone(s) to the need at hand. I would recommend a grounding stone at the center such as a chunk of Tourmaline. Not pretty but it will do a nice job. Always use a grounding stone for the benefit of the user. 

Now how to use it. A person can stand or sit in the center using a chair. One thing to note is that the energies are intense. Also ask it to be in use only as a function of the person in it and how much they can handle. Never any more or less. The Energies KNOW! Once done, release the energies back to the Universe to heal all who need it. Do this consciously.

I have witnessed my Portable Vortex operate on a cancer patient by spinning very very fast clockwise and once it reached the apex, it came down fast and turned into a pillar of solid light! That was held for a while and the patient announced that he was done as the pillar dissolved. 

I would never think of a vortex as a pillar of light. But that is what it did.  


Here is another type of energy vortex capture on a pyramid structure using Kirlian Photography and a Tesla coils and time lapse photography. 

Note the double helix rotating clockwise coming off the top of the copper pyramid.
Such things can't be simply ignored just because people think it too fantastic to be true.

So my Portable Energy Vortex is presented in a nice box lined with felt of the owner's preferred color. Even though it is not officially for sale, I would entertain individual requests. Please be aware that using such a powerful tool is nothing to be taken lightly. I would let the Energies decide if it is the right thing for you at this time.

Vortex in Box
The Box does have enough room for some other crystals such as the center ones. It is heavy though. The handle may need to be redone as I do not want the thing to fall and break.

Any way, this is the Vortex and I just called my friend and told her it was ready. She is excited about it.

RIDE THE WAVE ... Namaste

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Count and What He Means to Us

Have you ever heard of this man? The Compte de Saint Germain? Or what he was known as the Count? Here is an engraving of the Count of St. Germain by Nicolas Thomas made in 1783 and what he looked like. He's been known to have moved in Nobility's circle of Europe about 200 years ago. A man of mystery and of amazing talents. There are real historical documents that state that such a man did exist.

The most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madame de Robert Gergi, who came with the famous adventurer, known by the name of the Count de St. Germain. This individual, instead of eating, talked from the beginning of the meal to the end, and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat, but listened to him with the greatest attention. It may safely be said that as a conversationalist he was unequalled.
St. Germain gave himself out for a marvel and always aimed at exciting amazement, which he often succeeded in doing. He was scholar, linguist, musician, and chemist, good-looking, and a perfect ladies' man. For awhile he gave them paints and cosmetics; he flattered them, not that he would make them young again (which he modestly confessed was beyond him) but that their beauty would be preserved by means of a wash which, he said, cost him a lot of money, but which he gave away freely.
He had contrived to gain the favour of Madame de Pompadour, who had spoken about him to the king, for whom he had made a laboratory, in which the monarch — a martyr to boredom — tried to find a little pleasure or distraction, at all events, by making dyes. The king had given him a suite of rooms at Chambord, and a hundred thousand francs for the construction of a laboratory, and according to St. Germain the dyes discovered by the king would have a materially beneficial influence on the quality of French fabrics.
This extraordinary man, intended by nature to be the king of impostors and quacks, would say in an easy, assured manner that he was three hundred years old, that he knew the secret of the Universal Medicine, that he possessed a mastery over nature, that he could melt diamonds, professing himself capable of forming, out of ten or twelve small diamonds, one large one of the finest water without any loss of weight. All this, he said, was a mere trifle to him. Notwithstanding his boastings, his bare-faced lies, and his manifold eccentricities, I cannot say I thought him offensive. In spite of my knowledge of what he was and in spite of my own feelings, I thought him an astonishing man as he was always astonishing me.
Much has been written of his exploits and they are interesting enough. The Count died in his residence on the 27th February 1784 and the death was recorded in the register of the St. Nicolai Church in Eckernförde  He was buried March 2 and the cost of the burial was listed in the accounting books of the church the following day. Or did he? Its also known that he faked his own death and attended his own funeral in disguise. Why? One can guess because he tired of public life. For any ordinary mortal, that would be the end of the story. But not for Count de Saint-Germain. He would continue to be seen throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century!
  • In 1785 he was seen in Germany with Anton Mesmer, the pioneer hypnotist. (Some claim that it was Saint-Germain who gave Mesmer the basic ideas for hypnotism and personal magnetism.)
  • Official records of Freemasonry show that they chose Saint-Germain as their representative for a convention in 1785.
  • After the taking of the Bastille in the French Revolution in 1789, the Comtesse d'Adhémar said she had a lengthy conversation with Count de Saint-Germain. He allegedly told her of France's immediate future, as if he knew what was to come. In 1821, she wrote: "I have seen Saint-Germain again, each time to my amazement. I saw him when the queen [Antoinette] was murdered, on the 18th of Brumaire, on the day following the death of the Duke d'Enghien, in January, 1815, and on the eve of the murder of the Duke de Berry." The last time she saw him was in 1820 - and each time he looked to be a man no older than his mid-40s.
How can this be? How can some one not die? Well, it gets weird again! After he supposedly died he traveled to the Rackoczy Mansion at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania where he underwent the process known as the Ascension. He then came back and was from time to time seen at various places.

He was later involved in the Theosophy movement with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. Here is a photograph and it has been converted to a painting with Master Kuthumi, El Morya and Saint Germain, on the right and Madame Blavatsky sitting in a  chair..

At this point he was in the ascended state and able to do much as he wanted. Together these Masters gave Ms Blavatsky all the information that became published in the Theosophical society. Those writing can be obtained at www.theosophical.org .

Still he was as  mysterious as ever. I can tell you that he is one of the few Masters that are willing to deal and work with humanity to better themselves.

Earth has a Great Friend in this Master.

Here is another photograph that was supposedly precipitated to the Theosophists of what St Germain looks like. He has been very active in many organizations such as the I AM movement of the 30s through Guy Ballard and Lotus his wife. There are many books that can obtained also from this place at www.saintgermainpress.com .

He gave many teaching on many subjects and is very active to this day but has not picked a specific organization at this time, at least that I know of.

Personally he is the one Master that I identify the most with. I know also that El Morya has been very active also and they all work together for the betterment of mankind.

But the most important thing that he has made us aware of in all his teachings is this thing called the Violet Flame.

His teaching on this flame is that it is a force field that transmutes bad energy into good. That has very intense ramifications for mankind as this provides  for a fast pace for a being to their ascension.

This Flame is real and some can see it as I have also seen it. Remember that this Master Saint Germain is here to help all mankind. He wishes all to learn to use this flame as it means FREEDOM in every sense of the word.

You can find lots of information from www.summitlighthouse.org or from  www.templeofthepresence.org or just the internet.

Many artists have rendered his likeness in paintings. When he appears to anyone he looks like this when he wishes to be recognized.

This is an amazing gift from the Universe to us here on earth. I sincerely hope we learn to appreciate it.

RIDE THE WAVE ... Namaste

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Fakeness of the Christmas Holidays

from phineasandferb.wikia.com
I have to tell you that I am the first to say that I love the Christmas Holidays. I have, however been over the last few years grown increasingly disappointed in the proceedings. I have threatened to cancel Christmas a few times. Last year we scaled it back to a bare minimum. This year I am seriously rethinking the whole season.  

Maybe this has a lot to do with this. The dreaded Black Friday. I used to work retail and we called it THE DAY FROM HELL! and it was. That store would sell over $1 million and if they made $15,000 it was too much. WHY?

It has become one insane mad rush to buy stuff to put under a christmas tree. Buy buy buy, spend spend spend. I loathe the commercials coming from the TV. I loathe the sickly sweet christmas music every where you go.The same crappy songs everywhere. Its lost all meaning in a commercial orgy of financial interests.  I find little cheer in people's faces. I must first ask why I feel that way? How has something so nice has turned into such a mess? 

Maybe its because Christmas has been high jacked by commercial Interests, non-christians and its been secularized to the Nth degree.
from http://www.dvdtalk.com

Now, I like Spongebob as a character but to have it tell me what Christmas should be is a no no. There are myriads of messages, some subliminal that this time is when we are all programmed to mindlessly go out and spend all the money we have and all the one we don't. I feel stress from all sides, mostly from family and the times bring out long standing family feuds to relive themselves.

You know what I mean because it happens to us all. So what happened to us at this time of the year? This is a Christian agreed Holiday. I seriously doubt that Jesus was born on December 25th. Some cultures say it was January the 6th. 

from gospelalliancene.com
We have been programmed with this image of the Holy Birth by the Church. I seriously doubt that it it happened, that it happened that way. See, I grew up believing all the crap (please excuse the word) that the Church has handed us. I have come to the realization that the Bible Jesus is a manufactured character. That was extremely hard to swallow. I really wanted to believe in all that stuff. But is it not real. None of it was! I an seeking the TRUTH!

What is real then? Why all the manipulation and deception? I thought then that if all the Bible Jesus was all fake, what is the truth? I do know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a Real Jesus the Christ and that he is working for mankind's betterment. He is not God or what the christian doctrine says about him. Yes I know that some christians heads are exploding about now. Seek the Truth.
from parishableitems.wordpress.com

But that he is real. I also believe that the Christ is not just a person but a state of consciousness that we all have the capacity to embody. Why are those that claim to have seen him give a similar image? It is no coincidence.

This Christ consciousness that we all aspire to is already inside all of us and by virtue of our origins. That is independent of religion or churches. This Christ is not relevant just on the Christmas Holiday, he is all year round.

This is not what modern day christianity teaches. Who is to say that the Catholic Church which was instituted by the Roman Emperors and all other christian denominations split from is correct? I think that it is a 2000 year old business disguising itself as a religion that has met its end. 

This is what is happening and many are feeling that pressure. They may not talk or tell anyone but its there. This is the power behind the WAVE and why one must ride it. I only wish that they do not take it as hard as I did. I do not prescribe myself under any religion. I do not identify with any of today's brands of christianity. My understanding pierces through all that directly to the Source with LASER precision. 

from harrypotter.wikia.com
So next time you find yourself is a similar situation such as this, it is not real. It is all made up for a carefully manufactured purpose to get as much money out of your pocket as possible. To keep you from seeing the reality of things.

I like the Harry Potter story and enjoyed the movies but it is just a story. People need to wake up from the story that has been presented as the truth in our lives.

Religion is just as guilty as the non-religious. Do not be fooled.

BTW, You can celebrate it, just be aware of what is being done by commercial interests. Be aware of what the churches tell you it is the truth that may not be. Discern! Enjoy the real holidays. Note that they all bring presents but the real presents is not what is in the boxes.


from http://graphic-design.tjs-labs.com

Friday, November 22, 2013

John F Kennedy and the Black Hat Conspiracy

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK Much has been written and theorized about the events that led to the dreaded event. With all the investigations and all the Commissions, those that caused this are still on the lose and smoking cigars in dark rooms laughing. So this event is only one in a series that the Dark Cabal has put on this Nation. 

Three areas come to mind as to why he was killed. There may be others that have not come to light. Here they are. This is what my intuition tells me.

1. Military Industrial Complex
2. Threatening to Disclose USA Alien Dealings
3. International Bankers

See, it does not matter who pulled the trigger or how many shooters were there that day or even how many shots were fired. The perpetrators want people to focus on these trivial things to keep the focus off them. An industry has grown around conspiracy theories and many are just plain disinformation to sidetrack any investigations. 

All 3 of those points lead one to the Secret Shadow Government and back to the Black Hats. 

Eisenhower new the dangers and by the time he left office, he had lost control of this issue. So he made this speech about it. 
A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction...
This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.
Kennedy was at odds with the Military establishment and he may have been the target of attempts to depose him. One incident that came really close was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was also trying to engage the Russians with NASA with joint space missions. He was not popular with the military at a paranoid Cold War time.

Kennedy was also very interested in dealings with the Alien Beings having secret dealings with the Government. He demanded that he be briefed or else. Eisenhower once threatened to invade Area 51 with a whole division of soldiers if the chief did not come and brief him personally. This snooping put Kennedy at odds with the Secrecy Organizations that operate outside the US Constitution including what was MJ-12 that President Truman and Eisenhower had to deal with. He wanted full disclosure and those that control did not. Kennedy’s interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life, culminated in a deadly behind-the-scenes confrontation with the CIA and MJ-12 in the final month of his life.

President Kennedy's efforts to gain access to classified UFO files. The first began in February 1961 with Kennedy's Executive Order 10920 to place psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security team. This did not make him very popular With the Industrial Military Complex.

But the worst enemy Kennedy faced were the International Bankers. Kennedy was doing the same thing Abraham Lincoln did by trying to get the Bankers of the US backs. Lincoln went on to print his famous Greenbacks. This was money not borrowed with interest. It got him killed.

On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. 
 This would have freed the USA from the shackles of the interest that the Fed forces on the US Government. Johnson rescinded that EO right after he took office after Kennedy's murder. So he went along, maybe out of fear, but why would the US President fear the Bankers? "United States Notes" were issued as an interest-free and debt-free currency backed by silver reserves in the U.S. Treasury. I think that was the last straw to the Secret Shadow Government that grew out of the MJ-12 organization. 

This Black Hat organization has the following branches. It is not the purpose of this blog to enumerate the many facets of these branches. Suffice it to say that these are not elected officials and answer to no one in the US Government or are bound by the US Constitution.

So the layers of deception and threats are many. Now I will get really weird on you all. At the risk of losing some of you I will tell you what happened to Kennedy after his death. I can't divulge where this came from so here it is.

He was taken to a place that looked like a large Catholic Church. He entered and approached on his knees the altar where he met with Jesus. He was greeted and then taken to another place where he was fully briefed on the hidden plots that took his life. After a short time he was given a choice to come back and he chose to do that. 

Now this is really weird. I have actually met with this person that used to be Kennedy. He came back as a woman this time and is not involved in politics at all. As fantastic as this is, I know it to be true. I do not and will not tell anyone to believe this. I leave that up to the individual. It is a choice that all must make.

What does all of this mean? It means that there are very dark and sinister forces at work in the USA that have little care for the People or Nation. I will also tell you that after all is integrated, they can't possibly win at their machinations. That is the nature of things.

So I am at peace with what happened to him after he was murdered. If you really think about it, he beat all their sinister plots. So do not worry for him, he's fine.

RIDE THE WAVE... Namaste

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nikola Tesla, The Most Important Man In A Long Time.

Today I will talk about my Hero, Nikola Tesla. I don't have many but he is one of them.  American school books talk about some one else that did not contribute as much and ignore this man. See, Edison was just a tinkerer compared to Tesla's genius and he is the one the books mention. But what Tesla gave the world we all use everyday. AC Power, motors, transformers, radio, fluorescent lights, many other things and what has been heavily suppressed, FREE ENERGY. Yes free as in it does not cost a thing to get! That was J P Morgan's doing, the Industrialist, Banker and member of the Illuminati. He could not figure out where to put the meter to charge for the free energy so he suppressed it because it did not suit his plans for the world.

The man Tesla was no fool but a business man he was not. It just wasn't in him. He struggled all his life to get enough money to conduct his experiments. He had Industrialists who bought his patents and largely pretended to give him money but it was never enough to succeed in what he wished to give mankind. His talks and documentation are full of misdirection for very good reasons. He knew who he was dealing with.

Much has been written about him and this is not the intent of this blog article. Just google Nikola Tesla and read to your heart's content. Here is a list of his 10 most important inventions.

  1. Alternating Current -- He lit the 1893 World's Expo in Chicago using power transmitted from his generating plant in Niagara Falls.
  2. Light -- Tesla developed and used florescent bulbs in his lab some 40 years before industry (Edison) "invented" them. 
  3. X-rays -- He invented machines that took x-rays.
  4. Radio -- Guglielmo Marconi was initially credited, and most believe him to be the inventor of radio to this day.  However, the Supreme Court overturned Marconi's patent in 1973, when it was proven that Tesla invented the radio years previous to Marconi. 
  5. Remote Control -- This invention was a natural outcropping of radio. Patent No.613809 was the first remote controlled model boat, demonstrated in 1898.
  6. Electric Motor -- Tesla invented the AC motor all in his head and perfected it, when built, it worked.
  7. Robotics -- Tesla's overly enhanced scientific mind led him to the idea that all living beings are merely driven by external impulses.
  8.  Laser -- Tesla's invention of the laser may be one of the best examples of the good bound up together within the mind of man. 
  9. Wireless Communications 
  10. Limitless Free Energy -- These 9,10 are inextricably linked, as they were the last straw for the power elite.
So its been reported that he died on January 7 1943 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. His remains were cremated and he now sits in this Urn at a Museum in Serbia. 

I am more interested in who really was Nikola Tesla and what really happened to him. At the time of his death all his papers disappeared from his hotel room and his storage place was cleaned out of apparatus and papers. These were all taken by the US Government. It was only after much court fighting that some were returned. Some just plain disappeared. 
Some would up in the Soviet Union. 

Here he is at a time close to his death. I know that Tesla was involved in the WWII invisibility project known as The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk experiments for the US Government. He knew that it would be dangerous and he objected. The Government people grew impatient and got rid of him and gave the project to a Dr. John von Neumann. People died horribly. 

Now I have come to new information, to me at least, that Tesla did not die. His death was orchestrated. He was in fact taken prisoner to London's underground where he was tortured in an attempt to get him to work for these evil men that he opposed. Why would these insidious people torture a little old man?

So who's ashes are in that Urn? Some one that looked like him just long enough to cremate him and then say it was Tesla. Sounds fantastic and it is. Some call this conspiracy theorists, which is really a cop-out way to PC compliance to the party line that they want all to believe. You can google Tesla's  TESLA PATENT 1,655,113 METHOD OF AERIAL TRANSPORTATION Patented Jan 3, 1928 #1655113.

Later on he alluded wisely of a better way to fly without wings using a type of electrogravitic propulsion system. He correctly suspected that high voltage and frequencies affect gravity. This is what it is thought the device would look like. 

Well friends, that looks like to me like flying saucer kind of stuff. So I must revisit the question of who was really Nikola Tesla? 
Given his history and his inventions way ahead of his time, it all fits in.

This is where it gets weird and fantastic and it makes sense to me at least. My source and I am not ready to divulge it other than to say that if you look, you can find it also, states that Tesla was indeed not of this Earth...

So, are you still with me? May I continue? It is further stated that he was from a place in the Sirian Star System. He is from the planet Sirius B.  So what I am suggesting is that Tesla was not originally from here. Did he come here in a flying saucer? I don't think so but he was born in but was not of this Earth. That is plausible with my understanding of things. 
He was always considered different by those who knew him. He explained this away by claiming to be born of a Hungarian lineage and many could accept this, for they did not know what a Hungarian person would be like and they attributed his strangeness to his being a foreigner.

 He had weird habits. He worked at night, lived in a hotel and never married. He wore a fancy suit to work. Ate his food to a specified pattern and always had served coffee but did not drink it. He was very odd and had few friends and was loyal to them. One of his best was Samuel Langhorne Clemens or Mark Twain. 

Upon his capture and imprisonment he suffered greatly and he did finally come to realize that his brothers and sisters on the GFC were indeed correct that his inventions were not right for those times.
Those in power, those in the dark cabal, took his inventions and have used them for insidious dark purposes. His wish to capture free energy for all to have available – for he understood how trans-formative it would be for the world itself and the humans on that world – was never brought forward, indeed it has been suppressed since that time and he saw the folly of his ways. It was when he saw this and communicated to the GF that they finally did come and return him back to their ranks and it is seen he is there yet, for his age is quite old already, but this is a different story.
So this fantastic story does have a good end. While in captivity and from the source, Tesla was tortured but did not give in. He was simply taken from that hideous underground place by his brethren and taken to a place where he had friends. He is still there mighty old but still there and ready to help planet Earth.
It was then that he finally started to see those whom he had been in cooperation with were really of the BLACK HAT VARIETY and were not independent of them after all as he had assumed. He thought he was talking to those representatives of the American government that were in the Light, that were not under the influence of the dark ones or Black Hats, and they went along with this. This is how the con occurred, and because he had the highest goals to help humanity, those who presented themselves falsely easily misled him.
This story goes on to say that he was conned by those he thought were on the right side of humanity. Once he was extracted from that dark place, the perpetrators could not publicly say a word because they had faked his death. It left them seething. Tesla was a brilliant man.

Indeed he was a brilliant man, but you must understand that much of his brilliance was brought with him from his training as a GF scientist, if you will. 
So this fantastic story does agree with me. It may not for you and I am glad he was able to get away from the grips of the Black Hats. See, Tesla did what he did because he wanted to help. That is a noble endeavor and will for ever have my gratitude. Thank you old friend.

RIDE THE WAVE and Namaste

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chi, Breath, The Force, its all Energy Fields

 I recently came up on this Chi thing and since my interests lie in energy and force fields, I pursued, it.
Put simply, chi (qi) is that which gives life. In terms of the body, chi is that which differentiates a corpse from a live human being.

To use a Biblical reference, it is that which God breathed into the dust to produce Adam. Chi is also the basis of acupuncture.

A strong life force makes a human being totally alive, alert and present while a weak force results in sluggishness and fatigue. You can increase and develop your chi to overcome illness, become more vibrant and enhance mental capacity.
Mysterious...just up my alley. So that led to something called the energy bubble. Here is a short video of a demonstration of this principle in application.

This guy seems to have mastered a thing for energy. He seems to manipulate other people's bodies using some energy principle like a real Jedi Master would. If you look up his videos on youtube, you see that he does not use any force at all. He may touch but he directs what he wants to happen using his hand motions. He learned so can we. 
So I thought can I feel this energy? I decided to give it a try. I closed my eyes and I placed my hands apart palms facing each other. I them slowly oscillated them towards each other and I actually could feel an energy field between them. It felt like heat to me. Similar to the wand energy and the Reiki energy. There was something there. Now, I do not pretend to be able to do what that Lama guy does but he's mastered it. In my case the distance from the edge of the energy field was about 14 inches. Note I did not try to do any sizing just feel the energy and I doubt it means anything at this stage. I suspect that it is all the same thing and different modalities are just a method to get one in touch with that energy. 
I know of this thing called the Cosmic Egg. It is an energy construct that is used for protection from negative influences. I have also used energy ball emissions from my mind into certain situations that needed it. I have not come to consider that such energy can affect the physical world. This is a game changer. So the next question is how does one learn to do thiese things and apply the to healing? The Oriental seem to know way more than the West about this. I think its because of the present day Christianity and their exclusivity that they teach. I fully believe that Jesus taught and used these same principles to heal like he did. That art was lost or expunged from the Bible by sinister forces. Enough of religion. This is not it. So the good part is that there are resources available that helps in this Chi Energy System. When I do Reiki healing sessions, I often feel the energy through my hands as a heat sensation.  is this the same? I think it is just in a different modality.

Here is another example of this energy most likely from Japan. Note the face expression on the fellow as he tries to hit the guy sitting down. So here is the million dollar question: How does a person develop or learns to use this Chi Energy? You can start by googling 'chi kung'. Expect people to charge for these lessons. But I strongly suspect that this energy system is not and end in itself. There are others. So I can't wait to try this now. Here is a simple exercise to try.

 Now to create a Chi ball Follow this simple exercise, I know I will be doing it. 

 First and foremost, shield yourself with a Ball of White Light to protect you and the
energy you are about to build for yourself.
Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor. Look at your hands palms up. See them, the
lines that create the skin, the fingers, and the palms. Now take your hands and place
them at just chest level, comfortable for you to work easily with during this exercise.

  1. Take your hands with your palms facing each other. Hold them close to each other and feel the energy, the heat as it builds.
  2. Now slowly bring your hands apart to about 4 inches from one another and allow the energy to travel with the motion. The energy is warm, and you can feel it build between your two palms.
  3. Mold that energy with your hands to form a ball round and complete. With your hands in this position, take a breath through your nose and breath with your diaphragm deep and strong.
  4. Carry the breath to your solar plexus and draw it deep.
  5. Now exhale through your mouth, quietly; and evenly. Take two more breaths.
  6. On the fourth breath, you will now direct the exhalation to the palms and blow your breath into the space between your hands. You are giving the space/ball between your hands your Light Energy. Feel the energy go to the space between your hands. Feel a heartbeat in the space between your hands, and take a moment and feel that energy build with gentle power.
  7. Allow your hands to form a ball around the energy you have created.
So now that you have created a Chi Ball, What do you do? Well you could fill it with something for somebody like healing energy, love, what ever and send it to them. Here is how to do that.

  1. Surround yourself with a ball of White Light. Call in your guides, healing guides and angels to be there with you.
  2. Gently touch your Solar Plexus to give it the signal that you are activating the centering energy.
  3. With your palms facing each other, form a ball of energy. Mold it with your hands to any size you wish.
  4. Next, give it color. For instance, if you wish to have gold Chi Ball with a white stripe around the middle; speak to the Chi Ball and intend the Ball to be gold and have a white stripe around the middle.
  5. Then take that deep breath through your nose and blow the breath out the mouth into the ball you have just formed with your hands.
  6. To fill it with energy, open the ball with your dominant hand, and intend exactly what you wish to go into the ball - the person’s name, the amount of time it is to be used; and any other pertinent information needed for the intention of the Chi Ball or. 
  7. Take a deep breath and blow that energy into the ball.
  8. Now close the ball with your dominant hand, and take a deep breath and intend for the ball with your breath to go to the recipient of the Chi Ball.
  9. Take another breath and blow the Chi Ball to the person you are sending it to, while blessing and sending it on its way.
Be sure to indicate to the intended person exactly what to expect and how long the Chi Ball will be active. Now the last thing is to instruct them how to receive and use.

  1. Shield yourself with a ball of White Light, call in your  guides, angels, then call in the Chi Ball by intent:
  2. “I now call in the Chi Ball that carries the (intended energy) from (sender). I accept this Chi Ball now with Love, Light, peace and gratitude. “
  3. Visualize the ball directly in front of you. Open it with your dominant hand and draw the energy out of the Chi Ball. It will pour out of the Chi Ball and begin to attune/bring energy of healing to you.
  4. After the is over, thank your guides/angels for their help, close the Chi Ball and if it is there for specific periods of time to use, indicate that you will use it later. It will stay where you put it until the next session.
  5. If you are through with the energy within it, take a breath and send the Chi Ball into the Light to be used to heal, bring peace and help the world in times of need.
So there you have it. I will be practicing this and I hope you will too. It sounds like lots of fun!
RIDE THE WAVE... Namaste

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Your Mind, the Matrix and Maya

from http://www.dvdbeaver.com/

What is the Matrix? Most have seen the Matrix movies and I particularly loved them. There is a more in depth reason and meaning for such movies and why they are released. Do not ever go searching for that meaning in the Abrahamic religions, all 3 of them. They are part of the created Matrix that I am referring to. See, they mean to externalize what is and for ever will be internal and unchanging. 
 In Sanskrit the Matrix is termed Maya, meaning the power of creative illusion, or Matrika in Kashmir Shaivism.
She is the feminine polarity, the Yin side, and she produces the hologram for the Oneness as the Observer that dwells in the Heart.
Lucky for us it is already part of some Eastern religious lore. The ancients know way more than present day religions give them credit for. One must read a little of modern physics to know that atomic structures are mostly empty space. Most scientists do not know what being solid is. It seems that way to our 5 senses but in reality they theorize that atoms can be seen a clouds of probability. 

from http://www.hinduhumanrights.info/
Some call this field Quantum Mechanics and its the study of matter at the sub atomic level. See, they found out that classical physics breaks into different rules of behavior at those scales. They are finding out that the Mind is way more important of how we perceive out world than most give it credit for. Some teachers say, your mind controls your Universe and they are correct. But it must be understood and applied.

Consider that every thing you see and hear are nothing more than electrical signals processed by your brain. When I see my computer, I see it as my brains processes that information. I know its there because I can see and feel its keyboard...but is it really there? If you have no senses, how can you perceive the outside world? Close your eyes and sit in a very quiet room and you'll soon start to experience  the nature of simply being.

from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118929/
There is a movie by the name of Dark City. It deals with this subject in a sci-fi story. Why movies? Some times it is the best way for your mind to consider these things. In it humans live in an alien manufactured world that is changed once a day cycle. They use the power of their minds to affect the environment.

So if we live in a manufactured Universe, then I must ask who manufactured it? Or for what purpose? Those are million dollar questions that have been asked over Millennia by those brave enough to ask them. Most people go about their lives not even paying attention or considering things of this nature other than their own self gratification.

Consider the Rat Race, out of control Debt and hopelessness that is thrusted upon us and then we are told to take it and conform! REALLY! CONFORM?

 No one has ever broken those self imposed shackles that did conform. Rebel! Question! Challenge! There are forces at work that want to keep you dumb and stupid unable to do those things. 

The Age of Enlightenment is upon us and it is beckoning us to WAKE UP from the stupor that those forces have placed us in and we have allowed them to do it.

Light up the fire of Freedom. They do not like that and hate it and will leave you alone for it. For it spells the end of their control of your self.

I speak about they a lot. In the Matrix, they can be thought up as the mechanical machines that place people in the Matrix. Ever thought as to why the creator of the Matrix in the movies looks so much like the 

Baron Guy de Rothschild?

It is more than just coincidence here. I was just floored that they allowed such a thing to come out in the Matrix movies.

Note the nature of the Beast that tries to control the Matrix for its own purposes. Know that the mind is a more powerful thing than most realize. It is a most potent weapon in your Being Arsenal.

This is the information that is being kept from the people. Make your own Matrix and become a self aware creator. Think of the power that is available there.

Sounds fantastic and it is to consider such a far out idea and concept. Our ability to be able to see the Invisible Realms is regulated by the pineal gland and pituitary glands. Because these man-made molecules added to the food and water and with chemical trails in the air send confusing signals to them, they can’t work properly. Do you think this is accidental?

I wrote about the Pineal Gland in another article for this blog. This is important stuff. I have experimented and tested some of this by clearing, detoxifying that gland. I can tell you all that I can feel myself becoming more psychic and intuitive. I can see what was hidden before!

I read about that horrible Typhoon that creamed the Philippines and instinctively I KNEW ...  it to be man made and artificial for the purposes of punishing that Nation for what they are attempting to do monetary wise. Later on I got the proof of it and is fantastic and borders on the sci-fi realm.

I will not tell you things that I have not tested myself. And I do believe in testing and questioning and dare to seek out truth however fantastic it sounds.

The Only Refuge we have is a higher consciousness. One can achieve this by cleaning out your pineal gland first

The Observer is the ATMA/Soul or Spirit/Purusha.
Identify your consciousness with that Observer within you.
You are That. Tat Tvam Asi.
You have always been that. Remember.

Thus non-duality, meaning the Oneness, and duality, the appearance of multiplicity in the hologram, do exist simultaneously.
The hologram is temporal, fleeting - the Oneness is eternal.

So BE your true self. Activate your Being. Know it and experience and be free.
Remember to RIDE THE WAVE...Namaste

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